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In the last thirteen years we have come to appreciate why Ma'aser (Tithe) was collected from the nation to fund the work of the Levites.

Working without salary or funding, everything you see at this site was created without one dollar to our name. Since everything happens in its time, we were meant to work at the slow pace that budgetary constraint placed on us.

With the formation of this internet site, we will now proceed at an accelerated pace, as everyone of you worldwide now has the opportunity to effect change by donating something into physical reality, be it a translation of ancient texts, the building of Wedding Litters, the dissemination of Biblical Blue fringes, the creation of gold and silver vessels, the production of Priestly Garments, or the donation of the means and work to restore the Half-Shekel to common custom among the House of Israel.

I would like to donate the following amount:

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to be used where it is needed most,
or, to be used specifically for:
Beged Ivri
Bigdei Kahuna (Priestly Garments) - Wait for specific information
Bigdei Kohen HaGadol (the High Priest's garments) - Wait for specific information
Biblical Weddings

In the coming weeks we will post very specific projects and their exact cost to create. In the interim, funds will be used to further work in each of the above established and ongoing projects.

Donations will be accepted by both individuals and congregations. Congregational leaders will want to choose a project for their congregation to sponsor, and specific vessels and works can be dedicated to honor the living or to remember the departed.

Please send donations to
or by mail to:

Beged Ivri,
P.O. Box 6711,
Jerusalem 91066,

We accept MasterCard, Visa, Diners and Amex and checks in all currencies.

May we take this opportunity to bless the world community and we continue to look foward to be of Service, to God, to His children Israel, to our brothers and sisters and the family of nations everywhere.

May there be a will (amongst us) before You, Lord our God and God of our fourbears, that the Temple be speedily rebuilt in our days, and grant us our portion in your Torah, and may we serve you there with reverance, as in days of old and in former years.