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Unlike the First and Second Temples, the Third Temple is called by the Ancients

"A House of Prayer For All People".

And as we proceed with the unfolding fulfilment of the prophecies of the Ancients, as the time comes into its own, more and more Temple Era customs will be restored.

To resusitate a custom that has lain dormant for 19 centuries requires a Herculian CPR maneuver. The mouth-to-mouth we will do here in Jerusalem; the rehabilitation will require everyone's help.

What Can I Do To Help?

The following projects require your help:

First Name:
Last Name:

In the coming weeks we will present more specific details in each area. Some of the projects will require the downloading and dissemination of material found on these pages, and some will require locating and gathering materials required for specific production, i.e. flax cord, silver, plant species, etc.

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