Biblical Weddings and Anniversaries

One of the many customs that fell into disuse upon the Israelites being uprooted from their land was the ancient Israelite Wedding Ceremony. Already a custom when the ancient Israelites were in Egypt, practice of the custom ceased sometime in the second century C.E., as our hopes waned of a speedy rebirth.

The bride is crowned with a 'Jerusalem of Gold' bridal crown, a golden crown depicting the walls of Jerusalem, on the wedding day

Now, 19 centuries later, with the return of the Israelite nation to its homeland, this indigenous ceremony has once again begun to take root. Within a generation it will return as popular custom in Israel, with God's help.

According to ancient custom, on the day of the wedding, the bride is crowned with a 'Jerusalem of Gold' bridal crown, a golden crown depicting the walls of Jerusalem.

The bride is carried to her wedding in an Aperion, or Royal Wedding Litter (Song of Songs 3:9-10), by Jerusalem's Royal Litter Bearers, to the accompaniment of shofar blowers and harpist. The bride is carried to the Chupat Chatanim, or Canopy of Bridegrooms (Mishnah Sotah 9:14), a dome shaped crimson silk and gold wedding canopy, where her groom, adorned with a garland of roses and myrhh awaits her.

The bride is carried to hupa (bridegroom's canopy) in the aperion for the wedding ceremony

All parts of the ceremony, except for the groom's donning of a floral crown, have been restored and are available for your wedding today. The bridegroom's wedding canopy (hupa) to where the bride is carried in the aperion for the marriage ceremony Halachah (Jewish Law) requires that we wait for the rebuilding of the Temple to crown the grooms.

Whereas we "remember" the ancient custom by marrying under a flat Chupah today, you can now come to Jerusalem and get married according to our ancient customs, for real, not as a rememberance of something long gone, but a real Biblical Israelite wedding!

And for those of you who are already married, we will custom design a magnificent anniversary celebration for you here in Jerusalem, recreating a Biblical wedding.

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